To begin with, the original motorbikes are commonly equipped with exhaust lines that usually do not fit the motorbike design. Especially on your Harley Davidson BAD BOY! In fact, motorbike brands don’t have the choice to reach the level of homologation checks to sustain their industry. However, the initial exhauts are heavier and so less efficient compared to the exhausts developed by specialized brands. Moreover, it is clear that the sound of your Harley Davidson BAD BOY is definitely not flattering at all equipped with the original exhaust system. Also, becoming able to hear ourself within the the journey is a real satisfaction. And more secure too, mainly because we are clearly heard by the other road users. Regardless if we enjoy tuning not at all, swapping an exhaust system is very wide-spread and it will provide a little more originality to your Harley Davidson BAD BOY. In this article, you’re going to find our guidelines to change it by yourself.change-exhaust-Harley-Davidson-BAD-BOY

Steps to change the exhaust of your Harley Davidson BAD BOY

To change the exhaust system of your Harley Davidson BAD BOY, you basically require simple equipment. This operation does not need a huge expertise in mechanics. Initially, just unscrew the screws of your exhaust system manifold and the manifold. After that you are able to unscrew the screws and springs that are found on the motorbike frame and as well those on the middle tube. Be careful to hold your Harley Davidson BAD BOY muffler while taking it out. Second of all, take out the lambda sensor and the wire connections on the exhaust line. Only if your Harley Davidson BAD BOY is set up with it. The ideal way is to process methodically and to be mindful that the sensor or the wire connections aren’t hanged. To take out the sensor just unscrew the two fixations that are on the cover of the lambda sensor. After that, you can take out the full exhaust.

Steps to install an exhaust system on your Harley Davidson BAD BOY

To set up the brand-new exhaust system, just replicate this procedure in the reverse way. If it is only a muffler, the middle tube has to be introduced in the Harley Davidson BAD BOY manifold. Place them in place without being tightened up. Therefore, insert your brand-new muffler in the middle tube and be sure that these elements are actually well centered. Next, the exhauste screws need to be inserted and prefixed to the fixations of your Harley Davidson BAD BOY. Finally, you need to attach the springs to the the provided eyelets. After that, you can tighten up the whole exhaust system. Make certain to tighten up the screws firmly nonetheless do not overdo it. And not surprisingly, reconnect the sensor and wire connections. Be aware, several exhausts involve a specific engine mapping, it will certainly prevent the engine coughing and a greater comfort of use. For mapping the engine, it is traditional to go to a specialist. This permits your brand-new muffler or exhaust to fully demonstrate its efficiency. You are able to now hear the genuine sound of your Harley Davidson BAD BOY!