In the beginning, the original motorcycles are usually equipped with exhaust lines that usually do not fit the motorcycle design. Specially on your Piaggio X10 350! In fact, they don’t have the choice to reach the level of homologation tests to maintain their industry. However, the original exhauts are thicker and so less efficient than the exhausts built by specialized racing brands. Furthermore, it is obvious that the sound of your Piaggio X10 350 is not complementing at all equipped with the original ones. Equally, becoming able to hear ourself during the journey is a serious pleasure. And safer as well, because we are evidently noticed by the other motorists. Regardless if we like tuning not at all, swapping an exhaust system is very wide-spread and it will provide a bit more originality to your Piaggio X10 350. In this article, you will find our recommendations to swap it on your own.change-exhaust-Piaggio-X10 350

Steps to change the exhaust of your Piaggio X10 350

To change the exhaust system of your Piaggio X10 350, you simply require simple equipment. This task does not involve a large knowledge in mechanics. First, simply unscrew the screws on your exhaust system manifold and the manifold. Therefore you can unscrew the screws and springs that are on the motorbike frame and as well those on the intermediate pipe. Be careful to maintain your Piaggio X10 350 muffler while removing it. Second of all, take out the lambda sensor or the wire connections on the exhaust line. Simply if your Piaggio X10 350 is set up with it. The best approach is to go carefully and to take care that the sensor or the wire connections are certainly not in tension. To take out the sensor simply unscrew the two screws that are positionned on the black cover of the sensor. After that, you can take out the full exhaust system.

Steps to install an exhaust system on your Piaggio X10 350

To install the brand-new exhaust system, just repeat this procedure in the opposite way. If it is only a muffler, the intermediate pipe need to be placed in the Piaggio X10 350 exhaust manifold. Set these parts in place without being tightened up. After that, place your brand-new muffler in the intermediate pipe and ensure that these parts are actually well centered. Next, the srews must be introduced and fixed to the fixations of your Piaggio X10 350. Finally, you need to attach the springs to the the adequate eyelets. Therefore, you’re able to tighten the complete exhaust system. Make certain to tighten the screws solidly nonetheless do not overdo it. And then of course, reconnect the sensor and wire connections. Be careful, several exhausts involve a specific motor mapping, it will avoid the motor coughing and a better comfort of use. For mapping the motor, it is customary to go to a professional. This will permit your brand-new muffler or exhaust system to fully express its effectiveness. You can actually now hear the genuine sound of your Piaggio X10 350!