How to connect and disconnect the battery on its Derbi BULTACO?

First, working on the electric battery of its Derbi BULTACO is typically considered a simple and easy maintenance. However, you will need to stick to a method in order to not getting an electrical shock or possibly damage the electrical circuits of your Derbi BULTACO. To start with, it is important to remember the terminals and their function. The + battery terminal, identified by the reddish colored wire on the common motorcycle electric battery, is the terminal that sends electrical current into the circuits of your Derbi BULTACO. Alternatively, the negative battery terminal is considered as the ground, that is connected on the motorbike frame and enables to close the circuit. For this reason, once intervening, you should take in concern the features of the motorcycle electric battery terminals to prevent any trouble.connect-battery-Derbi-BULTACO

How to disconnect the electric battery from its Derbi BULTACO?

Firstly, once disconnecting the electric battery from your Derbi BULTACO, always take out the negative battery terminal initially. To accomplish this, simply use a electric screwdriver and unscrew the screws on the electric battery. This terminal can be identified by the black wire (or blue sometimes). Starting from the negative terminal assists to protect the motorcycle electrical circuits. Next, basically unscrew the + terminal, always with the cruciform screwdriver. The + side is always visible by its red wire. Be cautious that you cannot find any contacts among the 2 clamps, with the tool or your hands. Otherwise it is the electric shock assured with a terrible pain !!!

Tips on how to connect the battery of its Derbi BULTACO?

For this operation, it is quite simple, you have to connect the + terminal of the electric battery (symbolized by a +) to the reddish colored wire. Ensure that your Derbi BULTACO electric battery is recharged, otherwise go to our content on how to charge a motorbike battery. Then connect the negative clamp of your electric battery with the black wire. Always use a screwdriver. Be sure that the electric battery lugs are neat, for instance with no corrosion and rust, because it can impede the electric intensity. Generally, a simple metallic brush will allow to get rid of it. Be cautious to not contact the 2 electric battery clamps during your task, otherwise it will sting !