How to connect and disconnect the battery on its Honda Africa twin?

Initially, working on the battery of its Honda Africa twin is typically regarded as a simple maintenance. However, you will need to stick to a methodology to be able to not being electrocuted or possibly harm the electrical circuits of your Honda Africa twin. In the first place, it is important to remember the motorcycle battery terminals and their function. The + terminal, identified by the red wire on most of motorcycle battery, is the side that sends electrical current into the circuits of your Honda Africa twin. On the other hand, the negative terminal is considered as the ground, that is pluged on the motorbike frame and permits to close the electronical circuit. For this reason, when working on this part, you need to take in concern the functions of the motorcycle battery terminals to prevent any inconvenience.connect-battery-Honda-Africa-twin

How to disconnect the battery from its Honda Africa twin?

First of all, when unpluging the battery from your Honda Africa twin, always remove the negative terminal first. To accomplish this, just use a screwdriver and unscrew the screws on the battery. This clamp is usually identified by the dark wire (or blue in some cases). Starting from the negative terminal helps to preserve the circuits. After that, simply unscrew the + terminal, always with the cruciform screwdriver. The + side is always noticeable by its red wire. Be aware that there is absolutely no point of contact among the 2 clamps, with the tools or yourself. On the other hand it is the electrocution assured with a terrible pain !!!

Tips on how to connect the battery of its Honda Africa twin?

According to this task, it is very simple, you need to connect the + clamp of the battery (symbolized by a +) to the red motorcycle Wire. Be certain that your Honda Africa twin battery is recharged, otherwise check out at our document on how to charge a motorbike battery. After that connect the negative clamp of your battery with the dark wire. Use a screwdriver. Make sure that the battery lugs are clean, for instance without corrosion, because it can slow down the electrical intensity. Generally speaking, a small metallic brush will permit to remove any impurities. Be aware to not touch the 2 battery clamps during your intervention, otherwise it will sting !