How to connect and disconnect the battery on its Honda CB1000R?

Initially, intervening on the battery of its Honda CB1000R is typically considered a basic maintenance. However, you will need to follow a method in order to not being electrocuted or even damage the electrical circuits of your Honda CB1000R. To start with, it is significant to recall the terminals and their function. The positive terminal, spotted by the reddish wire on the common motorbike battery, is the terminal that transmits the electricity into the circuits of your Honda CB1000R. Conversely, the negative terminal is regarded as the earth, that is connected on the frame of the motorcycle and allows to close the electronical circuit. That is why, once working on this part, you need to take in consideration the functions of the motorbike battery terminals to avoid any trouble.connect-battery-Honda-CB1000R

How to disconnect the battery from its Honda CB1000R?

Firstly, once unpluging the battery from your Honda CB1000R, always take out the negative terminal first. To achieve this, just use a screwdriver and unscrew the lugs on the battery. This clamp can be identified by the dark wire (or blue sometimes). Starting from the negative side assists to protect the circuits. Next, simply unscrew the positive side, always with the screwdriver. The positive battery terminal is always noticeable by its reddish colored wire. Be aware that you cannot find any contacts among the two terminals, with the tool or yourself. Otherwise it is the electrocution assured with a terrible pain !!!

The right way to connect the battery of its Honda CB1000R?

According to this task, it is very simple, you should connect the positive clamp of the battery (represented by a +) to the reddish motorbike Wire. Be sure that your Honda CB1000R battery is charged, otherwise check out at our document on how to charge a motorbike battery. After that connect the negative terminal of your battery with the dark wire. Use a screwdriver. Be sure that the battery lugs are neat, for instance with no corrosion and rust, because it can impede the electrical current flow. Generally, a simple metallic brush enables to remove any impurities. Be aware to not touch the two battery terminals during your manipulation, otherwise it will sting !