How to connect and disconnect the battery on its Honda CB650F?

Initially, working on the battery of its Honda CB650F is typically considered a basic maintenance. However, you will need to follow a methodology in order to not getting an electrical shock or even damage the circuits of your Honda CB650F. To begin with, it is significant to recall the terminals and their action. The + terminal, identified by the reddish wire on the common motorcycle battery, is the terminal that sends the electricity into the circuits of your Honda CB650F. Alternatively, the – terminal is regarded as the earth, that is pluged on the frame of the motorcycle and allows to close the electronical circuit. That is why, when working on this part, you have to take in concern the functions of the motorcycle battery terminals to prevent any inconvenience.connect-battery-Honda-CB650F

Tips on how to disconnect the battery from its Honda CB650F?

To begin with, when disconnecting the battery from your Honda CB650F, constantly take out the – terminal initially. To accomplish this, just use a electric screwdriver and unscrew the lugs on the battery. This clamp is usually identified by the dark wire (or blue sometimes). Starting with the – clamp helps to protect the motorcycle electrical circuits. After that, simply unscrew the + clamp, still with the cruciform screwdriver. The + side is constantly noticeable by its reddish colored wire. Be careful that you cannot find any point of contact between the two clamps, with the tool or your hands. Otherwise it is the electric shock assured with a free new hairstyle !!!

The right way to connect the battery of its Honda CB650F?

For this operation, it is very basic, you should connect the + clamp of the battery (represented by a +) to the reddish motorcycle Wire. Make sure that your Honda CB650F battery is charged, otherwise go to our content on how to charge a motorbike battery. After that connect the – terminal of your battery with the dark wire. Use a screwdriver. Be sure that the battery lugs are neat, ie without corrosion and rust, because it can slow down the electrical intensity. Generally, a small metallic brush enables to remove any impurities. Be careful to not contact the two battery clamps during your manipulation, otherwise it will sting !