Tips on how to open the seat of your BMW R 80 RT?

Primary, opening the seat of its BMW R 80 RT is a very basic and common task. This action enables us an access to the battery of the motorcycle as well as to the various fuses and wirings. That allows the proper functioning of the BMW R 80 RT. In most cases and on nearly all models, the seat of your motorbike can be opened simply while using lock. This lock is often situated right next to the seat of your BMW R 80 RT. Either, around the rear side of the motorbike or underneath it. So you will have to insert your key inside this lock and turn it to open the system. Then, it is possible to access your battery for doing it change or

Tips on how to disassemble the seat from its BMW R 80 RT?

Firstly, to take out the seat, there exists obviously the simple procedure which allows the opening up via the lock of the seat on your BMW R 80 RT. Nevertheless, on many types, it’s not that simple. So, if we are in the second circumstance. It will be required to check under the seat of your BMW R 80 RT, and check at the under the rear wheel passageway. Generally, you will find one to two screws that happens to be removable with a single key or hex wrench tool. To remove the seat from your BMW R 80 RT, you just have to unscrew these elements in order to remove the seat easily.

Remove the passenger seat on its BMW R 80 RT

Moreover, on a lot of motorcycle types, we find either a mono seat or two-seater, so these first two techniques are definitely applicable. About the other models, they may have two stools, namely a driver and a passenger, that are distinctive. In this case, you will need to operate the first technique to take out the drivers seat off the motorcycle. After this stage, there are still two circumstances. Either simply release two screws or hexagon screws that are under the driver’s saddle, which will allow you to release the passenger’s seat. Either, the motorcycle has a system with a cable under the driver’s seat on which, you will have to pull in order to release the passenger’s saddle. This system is usually found on Japanese motorbikes, roadsters and sports. Finally, these actions are very easy once you know where to intervene. Simply check out the accesses and understand the lock system of your BMW R 80 RT. This can be an intervention that you must do many times a year, especially for the maintenance of your electric battery and the storage of your BMW R 80 RT.