How to open the seat of your Harley Davidson BAD BOY?

First of all, opening the seat of its Harley Davidson BAD BOY is a very basic and common task. This action enables us an access to the battery of the motorcycle as well as to the various fuses and wirings. That allows the proper functioning of the Harley Davidson BAD BOY. In most cases and on many models, the seat of your motorbike can be opened simply along with the lock. This locking mechanism is often located right next to the seat of your Harley Davidson BAD BOY. Either, on the rear side of the motorbike or underneath it. So you must insert your key inside this lock and turn it to open the mechanism. Then, it will be easy to access your battery for doing it exchange or

How to disassemble the seat from its Harley Davidson BAD BOY?

Initially, to remove the seat, there is certainly the simple system that allows the opening by using the locking mechanism of the seat on your Harley Davidson BAD BOY. Nevertheless, on many types, it’s not that basic. So, if we are in the second circumstance. It would be necessary to check under the seat of your Harley Davidson BAD BOY, and verify at the under the rear wheel passage. In general, you will see 1 to 2 screws that are removable with a single key or hex wrench. To remove the seat from your Harley Davidson BAD BOY, you simply have to unscrew these elements to be able to remove the seat easily.

Remove the passenger seat on its Harley Davidson BAD BOY

Moreover, on a lot of motorcycle models, we find either a mono seat or two-seater, so these 1st two solutions are basically applicable. For the other types, they may have two stools, namely a driver and a passenger, that are distinctive. In such a case, you simply must run the 1st method to remove the drivers seat off the motorbike. After this step, there are still two situations. Both simply loosen two anchoring screws or hexagon screws which might be under the driver’s saddle, and this will allow you to release the passenger’s seat. Either, the motorcycle has a mechanism with a cable under the seat of the pilot on which, you will need to draw in order to be able to release the passenger’s saddle. This system is generally found on Japanese motor bikes, roadsters and sports. Finally, these tasks are very fast once you know where to intervene. Merely check out the accesses and understand the locking mechanism of your Harley Davidson BAD BOY. This is certainly an intervention that you must carry out several times a year round, especially for the maintenance of your battery and the wintering of your Harley Davidson BAD BOY.