How to remove the rear wheel from its Piaggio X10 350?

To disassemble the wheel of your Piaggio X10 350, it truly is extremely simple and it is an action that does not need a great understandins of mechanics. We are here in the standard maintenance of your motorbike. In order to take apart the wheel of your Piaggio X10 350, you need to possess basic tools. Specifically, a set of keys, grease and a little bit of elbow grease! Normally it will last approximately A quarter-hour.remone-rear-wheel-Piaggio-X10 350

The right way to remove the rear wheel from its Piaggio X10 350?

Initially, the steps to disassemble the wheel of its Piaggio X10 350:

  • Place the Piaggio X10 350 on stand, if you possess one. If it is not the case, it’ll be necessary to raise your motorbike and to place it in height. Consequently that the wheel of your Piaggio X10 350 will not contact the ground. And so that you have space to operate around the motorbike.
  • Then simply release the transmission. Or remove the chain by the fixation on it.
  • Therefore release the rear wheel axle.
  • Before taking out the rear wheel axle, cautiously identify the positions of the spacers for reassembly.

As soon the axle is removed, you can easily remove your Piaggio X10 350 wheel. Don’t ignore to use lubrication on the elements at the reassembly and to tighten up all the parts in appropriate placement. Good road on your Piaggio X10 350!